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Our Program

One Program

We only have one Program: Elixir of Life

"Elixir of Life is a 7 year protocol for body organ rejuvenation and life longevity."

Minimum Age

The minimum age for us to accept anyone on the "7 Year Program", is 21 Years Old. Those who are 18 Years Old can pursue in the mean time a one week Detox Wellbeing Program.

Application Form

If you wish to join the "7 Year Regenerative Protocol Program" you need to fill in, and complete in full the Application Form and send it to us. Please e-mail us for the Form.

Private Interview

After we receive your Form we then will read it and contact you. Before joining the Program there is a need for a Private Interview to go through the Form and to clarify any questions that you may have.

Personal Reference Letter

We require two reference letters either from a spouse, family or any friend.

Ability to financially afford the Program

Ability to pay for the cost of the Program, along with some travels that may be required in order to fully take advantage of the Program is essential.

There are some items that need to be purchased by yourself and are not sold by us.
These items vary in their composition and application and may be found online sold by several manufacturers. We will give you all information regarding what you will need and where to obtain the same. You will have a choice. We may from time to time produce some items which may be hard to find locally to you, if so they will be supplied at same or lower market prices.

Self Motivation

You will need to have self motivation and determination.


Some persons may presently have some contraindications, is any such contraindication exists they will need to reapply once those conditions have been overcome. We are unable to accept any person that has any condition that we comprehend it to fall into the category of contraindication either relative or absolute in character.


We request a one time payment, if you wish to drop out at any particular moment in time you may, the refund will reflect the days you have not attended.

Basic Advise on Longevity

Cost of the Program

The Longevity Program has an initial costs £3,000 (Includes Accommodation, Food and Treatments) you are expected to purchase some required apparatus, this have a small cost and can be purchased in the beginning or later the cost of the apparatus needed are around £700.

Each day each person receives 3 Treatments, apart from participating in a variety of activities.

The program is done in 7 years. Each year there are 1 week that each individual should attend the cost is shown bellow per year.

Total: Cost of the Program:
Year 1 : £3,000  - Two weeks Treatments & Full Board
Year 2 : £1,000  - One week Treatments & Full Board
Year 3 : £1,000  - One week Treatments & Full Board
Year 4 : £1,100  - One week Treatments & Full Board
Year 5 : £1,100  - One week Treatments & Full Board
Year 6 : £1,200  - One week Treatments & Full Board
Year 7 : £1,200  - One week Treatments & Full Board


Close to home

Eating locally means sourcing foods that are produced relatively close to where they are sold. Local eating can reduce the number of miles that food travels, which lessens the amount of pollution from fossil fuels.

Eating close to home also helps to keep local jobs safe, because the farmer can sell his products within the community. Local farms, cooperatives, farmers markets and increasingly supermarkets, may all be local options. Grow your own food if you can, whether itís a crop of juicy tomatoes or a favourite vegetable in a window box; the result is local, sustainable, healthy and delicious.

Include more Plant-based Foods in your Regular Diet

A diet with more Plant-based foods, which focuses on including more plant foods than animal foods in your diet, can have a significant impact on your health and environment. Producing billions of pounds of animal meat and dairy each year takes a lot of pesticides, chemical fertilizer, fuel, feed and water. 

Go organic

Because fewer chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used, organically grown and raised products have less impact on the environment. When applied to animal products like dairy, organic means that no antibiotics or synthetic hormones are fed to the animals. Look for foods labelled Certified Organic or ask at your farmers market. Choose whole foods over processed.

Please Note:

During the first week you will be assessed if you would be successful and suitable to the program.

If we understand that you do not have either the will power, or the conviction that the program is not for you, then either on your part or by the part of the Institute a non continuation of the program will be established.

The program can be reinstated from the beginning once those challenges have been surpassed or overcome. The cost per day will be calculated at £215.





Out Door Activities

Clear time in your calendar and dedicate yourself to outdoor activities which include direct contact with nature.

Seasonal sense

For produce, learning to eat with the seasons means choosing foods that are not grown in artificial conditions, such as heated greenhouses, or grown hundreds of miles away, picked prematurely, and transported long distances. Seasonal foods are better for the environment and cheaper, because they require fewer resources and less energy to produce. Choosing seasonal options adds variety, flavour and freshness, and also supports local agriculture.

Meditate & Community Work

Find time and interest in Meditation and be active in your Community, start by helping Family & Friends then help in the community at large either in social activities in rest homes, orphanages, hospitals, churches, etc...

Reduce waste

Adopt a no-waste mindset by planning weekly menus and buying only as much food as you know you and your family will consume.


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